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  • European Mobility Week Statement 16/09/20

    This Wednesday, at the occasion of the European Mobility Week from 16th to 22nd of September, the Ambassador of the Netherlands invited the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Bike Transportation, Mr. Franciszek Sterczewski, to a meeting with other Heads of Mission. The newly appointed Ambassador of Luxembourg to Poland, Mr. Paul Schmit, went of course on bike to this event.


    Ce mercredi, à l’occasion de la semaine internationale de la mobilité, du 16 au 22 septembre, l’Ambassadrice des Pays-Bas a invité le Président du groupe parlementaire pour le transport en vélo, M. Franciszek Sterczewski, à une entrevue en présence d’autres Chefs de Mission. Le nouvel Ambassadeur du Luxembourg en Pologne, M. Paul Schmit, s’est évidement rendu en vélo à ladite réunion.


    Dziś, czyli środę, z okazji Europejskiego Tygodnia Mobilności trwającego od 16 do 22 września, Ambasador Holandii zaprosiła przewodniczącego Parlamentarnego Zespołu ds. Transportu Rowerowego, Pana Franciszka Sterczewskiego na spotkanie z innymi szefami misji dyplomatycznych. Nowy Ambasador Luksemburga w Polsce, Pan Paul Schmit, na spotkanie pojechał oczywiście rowerem.

  • Présentation des Lettres de Créances du nouvel Ambassadeur du Luxembourg/Złożenie Listów uwierzytelniających przez nowego Ambasadora Statement 16/09/20

    C’est en date du 15 septembre 2020 que le nouvel Ambassadeur du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg en République de Pologne, Monsieur Paul Schmit, a présenté ses lettres de créance à S.E. M. Andrzej Duda, Président de la République de Pologne. Ambassadeur Schmit s’est déclaré ravi d’être en Pologne et de pouvoir contribuer au développement harmonieux des relations bilatérales dans tous les domaines.

    15 września 2020 nowy Ambasador Wielkiego Księstwa Luksemburga w Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej, Pan Paul Schmit złożył swoje listy uwierzytelniające J.E. Panu Andrzejowi Dudzie, Prezydentowi Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej. Ambasador Schmit stwierdził, że jest zachwycony swoim pobytem w Polsce i tym, że będzie mógł uczestniczyć w harmonijnym rozwoju stosunków dwustronych we wszystkich dziedzinach.

  • COVID-19: Luxembourg’s ambitious testing strategy to tackle the pandemic Statement 17/07/20

    Since the beginning of the sanitary crisis and, later on, as part as the deconfinement strategy, Luxembourg has adopted an ambitious testing strategy, composed of PCR diagnostic testing for those showing symptoms as well as large-scale testing aimed at identifying asymptomatic persons.

    According to recent data published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), with 9,582.6 tests per 100,000 inhabitants over a period of 7 days, Luxembourg is the country that has by far the highest testing rate among the EU/EEA countries.

    Luxembourg’s increased number of new cases over the past two weeks has indeed to be read in conjunction with our efforts to ensure the best possible screening of the population, to break infection chains and to preserve the health system’s capacities.

    Luxembourg’s testing strategy has been elaborated in accordance with international recommendations, such as those issued by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) according to which “an expanded testing capacity and harmonized testing methodologies for the purpose of epidemiological surveillance, early detection and isolation of cases, clinical management, contact tracing, protecting risk groups, assessing population immunity, return-to-work strategies. This includes alignment of testing methodologies, development and ramping up of sustainable COVID-19 diagnostic capacity, set-up of adequate testing schemes, validation and rollout of serological testing”.

    By adopting large-scale testing capacities with a maximum of up to 20.000 tests per day, Luxembourg follows the guidelines of the European Commission’s roadmap towards lifting COVID-19 containment measures. The Commission stresses that “managing successfully the gradual lifting of the existing confinement measures requires a combination of accompanying measures that are relevant for all Member States” and recommends to “expand testing capacity and harmonise testing methodologies: in the absence of a vaccine, the population must be protected as much as possible from the infection. Therefore, the availability of large-scale testing that can provide fast and reliable results is key to tackle the pandemic and also a precondition for lifting social distancing measures in the future (and is also important for the effectiveness of contact tracing apps….)”.

    Luxembourg also systematically extends the testing to over 200.000 cross-border workers residing in its neighboring regions. Positive tests of non-residents account for up to 20% of the official total number of COVID cases in Luxembourg, with an average of 16%.

    In combination with a very thorough and analog contact tracing system that extends beyond our borders, this strategy allows our country to break infection chains and to monitor very tightly if there are indicators for a possible second wave. Hence, proactive and preventive action is greatly facilitated.

    The ECDC recognizes furthermore the importance of not limiting country comparisons to the total number of positive cases, without taking into account the important factor of testing and the number of tests effectively carried out for a given population. The ECDC also found that “available evidence does not support recommending border closures” as an effective measure to prevent a large upsurge of COVID-19.

    In view of the above, and given the fact that the epidemic is largely under control in Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Government considers that there is no need to restrict the freedom of movement of its residents.

  • Coronavirus Statement 20/03/20

    The information regarding the Coronavirus can be followed on the Embassy's facebook page ( ).

    The Luxembourg citizens can also follow the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs facebook ( )


    As from today, temporary measures have been taken regarding visas and passports ( )

    In case of questions, you can contact the Embassy at +48 22 507 86 50 or

  • SAVE THE DATE ONLY - 2nd Luxembourg-Poland Business Conference: Luxembourg-Poland Partnership in Space Business, Thursday, 5 December 2019 Press Release 17/10/19

    Please note that this message is “a save the date”- information.  Do not reply to this email. The final invitation and detailed programme of the conference will follow very shortly.



    2nd Luxembourg-Poland Business Conference:

    Luxembourg-Poland Partnership in Space Business

    Thursday, 5 December 2019


    Embassy of Luxembourg in Warsaw




    Further information: Mrs. Katarzyna Stanczew( )


    This conference is organized by the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce (LPCC) in cooperation with the Embassy of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Poland, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Luxembourg and the Polish-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (PLIG).


    On 12 October 2018, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Republic of Poland signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start bilateral cooperation on space activities with particular focus on the exploration and utilization of space resources. The signatories were the Luxembourg Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Mr. Étienne Schneider, and the Polish Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Mrs. Jadwiga Emilewicz.


    The aim of the conference is to review the state of bilateral cooperation and to bring together companies and experts from the space industry, as well as from the finance and public sectors from Luxembourg and Poland in order to discuss issues related to the development of the space technology as a long-term activity, which however has potential of a short-term implementation in the marketplace. It will be a great opportunity for Luxembourg and Polish actors from the space sector to exchange their views and experiences and to find partners for cooperation.


    Provisional Agenda of the Conference


    1. Introduction: 9:00-9:30


    Short welcome speeches as well as short keynote speeches by Luxembourg and Polish guests of honour.


    2. Science and Technology Panel: 09:30-11:00


    The future technologies enabling deep space exploration, in-situ resources utilization and colonization of Moon and Mars have a long way to go before they can be implemented practically. In the meantime, pertinent R&D requires significant financial resources. The panelists will examine the ways of technology implementation into current markets with a vision to future developments.


    3. Strategy and Investment Panel: 11:15-12:45


    The panel will examine  the roles of state investment, agile private R&D investors as well as venture capital. Discussions will focus on questions such as funding opportunities, compliance with country interests vs. market dynamics demand. Funding opportunities for startups will be illustrated with examples from Luxembourg and USA.


    4. Networking Buffet Lunch: 12:45 - 15:00





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