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We inform you that the Luxembourg authorities are not competent in the event of delays in the Polish administrative procedure that may arise in their decision-making process and therefore cannot offset these delays by issuing short-stay visas. Furthermore, we do not issue visas or travel documents that can be considered as a substitute for the absence of a Polish residence permit. Please contact the Polish authorities if you need to leave the country.

A short-term Schengen visa may be issued for humanitarian reasons.


The citizens of the following states and territories need a visa to enter Luxembourg.

Types of visa

  • Short stay visa: for visits not exceeding three months
    This visa may be valid for one or multiple entries, provided the not interrupted visit or the total of the successive visits do not exceed three months.
  • Long stay visa: for visits exceeding three months

Necessary documents to submit

  1. a passport with a validity that exceeds the intended stay of the applicant by at least three months plus a photocopy of all important pages. Please make sure your passport has a blank page to affix the visa.
  2. visa application form. Please fill out the application form completely and legibly in black ink. Do not forget to sign.
  3. recent passport-size photograph. Please write your name on the back of each photo. DO NOT STAPLE the photos to your application form
  4. proof of residence
  5. proof establishing the purpose of your trip, for example a letter of invitation, proof of participation in group travel, etc. If the purpose of your trip is business, please present a letter from both companies in Luxembourg and Poland.
  6. proof of lodging, i.e. hotel reservations, rental of vacation home, stay with a family member or friend. In the latter case, a financial support document should be submitted signed by the family member or friend in question and legalised by local authority.
  7. proof that you can continue your trip after your visit to the Schengen countries, i.e. onward or return airline ticket.
  8. if the applicant is a minor, please present written consent of a parent or guardian having the care and custody of the child. The signatures on this document have to be notarized.
  9. proof of travel health/accident insurance.

Visa fee: 80 EUR, 35 EUR (for nationals of Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Georgia, FYROM (Macedonia), Armenia, Azerbaijan and Cape Verde; children between 6 and 12 years old), 0 EUR (children up to 6 years old, students who will be studying in Luxembourg, researchers who intend to make some scientific researches in Luxembourg)

Remarks on visa fees:
The visa fee should be paid upon submitting the application form. In case of refusal, the fee will not be reimbursed. Zlotys are accepted using the exchange rate of the day.

Luxembourg generally responds to visa applications within 10 working days

For more information, visit the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs website


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